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Meet Joanne Forsthoefel, LPCC

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Life is a journey full of unexpected twists and turns that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, anxious, angry and hurt.   It happens.   Sometimes when we are faced with an unexpected event or tragedy or we just feel like we "aren't ourselves "and we just aren't sure who to talk to or what to do, therapy can help.   I would like to be there to help you through the twists and turns.   It has been my experience as a therapist working with children, adults and families that creating a safe and comfortable environment allows us to get to know each other and together find the best way for you to approach and manage the concerns in your life.   In sessions I use a variety approaches based on your preference and needs.   I invite you to meet me and decide if you feel this a good fit for you or your child.  


Meet Amy Mancini, LMF

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Have you ever heard the expression… when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change?  Counseling is a safe place to learn to experience things differently.  I will hear you and work to truly understand your story; then we will work together on whatever is troubling you.  Life can be difficult for all ages so I am here to work with your child, teenager, or you - alone or together with your partner.  Couples therapy can help heal relationships.

I will help you learn to recognize the impact that past traumatic experiences or harmful relationships had on how you perceive and interact with the world around you.  I offer strength-based treatments that are culturally and spiritually-sensitive to help you recognize negative patterns and take actual steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

My passion is to help you discover your inner potential and to empower you to achieve healing in your life and relationships.  It is possible to rewrite your story, let me help you or your child take steps to a brighter future - starting now.  Call to schedule an appointment. (Tambien ofrezco mis servicios en español).


Meet CYMBRIA HESS, IMFT-S, Founding Therapist.

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Hi there, I am an Independent Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in individual and couple therapy.   I have over 30 years experience as a clinician.  Time has flown by.  Long ago it seems,  I  graduated from The University of Dayton specializing in developmental psychology.  My background in developmental psychology allows me to work with clients from many stages of life.  I  studied developmental psychology because I thought the model of normal development versus thwarted development made the most sense.  All of us face times in our lives where "curve balls" throw us off our planned trajectory.   I see that as mostly "normal" or just life.  Together we can figure out how to get back on track, or maybe even develop a better path for optimal life enjoyment. 

My areas of expertise are: adolescent issues, couple therapy and individual therapy for depression and anxiety across the lifespan. 

You should know if we work together that I am a therapist who loves to laugh at what life throws us all.  I sincerely believe that therapy doesn't have to be a painful, horrid experience to tolerate.  Rather, it is truly a chance to take on the challenges of life and figure out how to grow, learn and improve so that we don't get blasted by our own repetitive behavioral responses.  I strive to provide practical and usable feedback with sensitivity, gentle humor and compassion each and every session.   There is no "one size or technique fits all."  The goal is to help you build on your strengths,  identify life goals and create a plan to live your best life...even and especially when times are tough.  The reason I love my career (and I truly do) is that helping people's lives go from a dark, and often painful time in their life to a better place with hope for the future is a true honor.  When I get to participate in that shift that makes me downright glow.  

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