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Looking to add Great therapists who love helping people

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Are you a clinician who loves helping people?   

Do you get amped when things in your client's lives transform for the better? 


talk to us!

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Our mission is a joyful, adult and caring place for clinicians to practice their craft while helping the hurting in our community.  We believe that a happy and well run work environment frees our staff to do what they do best, better the lives they provide services for. 

Our boutique private practice group in Anderson on the east side of Cincinnati is growing.  We are seeking clinicians (licensed in Ohio: IMFT, LISW, LPCC, PhD, PMHNP, or LPC, MFT in process for full licensure) to work with children, families, couples and adults to round out our group.  If you are great with young and school age children we really need your skills.  We are also open to other niche specialties.  

This opportunity requires 12-25 client contact hours a week, some may be evenings.  We provide a client care coordinator to help facilitate intakes.  We also provide online booking, a HIPPA secure phone line with texting option and a comfortable, fully decorated office space.  What’s special about us as said by a current therapist is  "I just walk and get started with my clients.  No hassle and my clients are great people!"   

We are an excellent place to make the jump from agency work to private practice.  You  can do so while learning under the safety of an experienced, helpful group owner.   We also have a structured reimbursement system that rewards financially a growing caseload.  We are also open to a flat rent arrangement if that better suits established clinicians.

If you are interested in joining our team

talk to Cymbria at 513-233-0020, Ext 1. or

email cover letter and resume to:  [email protected]