How do I get started?

Let's get you started!!

Please complete a form below (they are encrypted for your security) 


call the office 513-233-0020 to get started. 

To start a referral for yourself:  Click here for the new adult form. 

To start a referral for a teen or child: Parents/guardians click here for the minors form.  

To schedule a time to meet,  you must speak to us, not just complete the form.    We will be in touch by telephone after receiving the form to help get you started with the best fit therapist for you or your child.  

When we talk, we will set you up with our business portal to complete necessary forms and get a time scheduled.  These steps allows us to help you be ready to use your appointment time to jump right in working on YOU FEELING BETTER  during your session.  Not tech savvy - no worries..... we can walk you though, easy peasy.    

Here's what to expect when you do arrive at the office:  First sessions usually last 50-70 minutes.  Expect us to listen, help you to formulate a plan and support you along your journey to better relationships, improved mood and overall improved mental wellness.  You can ask us questions.  Expect yourself to participate in setting goals and be accountable to try new behaviors, create new patterns and mostly enjoy the process.  Counseling can be challenging but it also can be rewarding, encouraging and sometimes dare we say  We look forward meeting with you and being part of your mental health journey.

(513) 233.0020
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