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Meet Kellie Ryan, LISW-S


We are in process (but not yet able to bill) with paneling for Kellie to be in-network with UHC, Anthem, Med Mutual and Custom Designs.  

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Are you looking for a down to earth, empathetic, knowledgeable therapist that actually has a sense of humor too? Perhaps you are looking for a space to share experiences and emotions that you haven't been able to share with others out of a fear of being judged or misunderstood. Are you ready to start to make your life different? If you are up for realistic feedback with a dash of hope, Kellie Ryan might be the perfect therapist for you. She is ready to partner with you to help you to figure out what changes will improve the quality of your life and mental health. 

Kellie comes to our team ready to assist clients (early teens through adulthood) with stressful life challenges and transitions. These transitions may include: choosing and transitioning to college, getting married, having children, changing jobs or losses within life. Such situations can create adjustment distress and sometimes we struggle with tough feelings and thoughts about change. Kellie also has a heart for being supportive to women struggling with fertility. Fertility challenges and experiences are not always areas that people feel comfortable with discussing. Kellie wants to work to normalize these difficult discussions and offer a safe space for those who would like to share their journey. She also has much empathy for first time parents trying to figure things out about parenting. Parenting can bring up complicated feelings with a partner or with the child, it’s all a big adjustment!  

“I like to help people work through all of life 's transitions and challenges!” Kellie says. “I want to be able to be there, bouncing ideas off of each other. I like being someone that can listen and help with solutions. Problem solving is big for me. I like knowing that there could be an answer. I think that mental health can seem so gray. Therapy can feel very open ended at times. I feel like when I’m able to help someone take little steps to solve a problem, which I love and it makes clients feel good too! To be able to talk through something and then finally go, hey, what if we just changed this little thing here and…that light bulb goes off because we solved a pain point. That can be life changing! Sometimes it’s hard to do that by yourself”.  

Kellie came to the field after growing up with her mother working as a psychiatric nurse. As a child Kellie was very interested in her mother’s work. “I grew up learning and listening to my mom discuss the process of helping people and seeing her compassion for it. That made a big impression on me. Mental health has never been foreign to me. My mom worked on the psychiatric floor of a hospital for years so I viewed her as a helper. It always interested me that I might make a difference one day as well. When it came time for me to go to college, I explored other helping professions but social work was the best fit for me. A big part of social work is mental health. Now I can use that compassion that I admired when I was younger to support my own clients”. 

So, now Kellie is here at AHP ready to help if you are ready to not have the negative thought processes disrupt your daily life. She is prepared to support you if you are ready to feel happy that you took a little step or healthy action towards self-care to get on the path to feeling better. Maybe it’s time to talk through and get real support for the emotional pain you have been carrying. Healing is possible, she would like to partner with you to work towards the life that you want. Healthier, happier and ready to face whatever challenge life has for you. You need not face the challenges alone. Talk to Kellie. 

When Kellie is not here as part of the AHP team she enjoys walking outside, checking out the local community parks, practicing yoga and gardening both inside and out. When at home she is with her husband raising two young daughters with their two cats to keep them company. Who knows, maybe one day one of her girls will grow up and have a heart for supporting mental health too. 

Meet Karissa Marshall, LMFT


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Karissa comes to us from a place of service. Seriously, since 2014 to the present, she has served in the Army Reserves.  She is a woman with a plan and utilized the military benefits to help fund her education.   Now that she has her degree and training,  Karissa serves our clients at AHP.  She helps folks that struggle with anxiety, depression, maybe have disruptive thoughts or feelings, or people who wonder if something is missing from their lives.  She helps them to resolve issues and move forward feeling better with less mental health struggles.  One lesson she learned from the military is that “the mission has to get done, no excuses”.  She brings that passion to the healing work of counseling. “I am here for you! We can get through this together and later be able to say we did this together.”

This” could be tackling a past trauma, working through mental health symptoms of sadness, chronic upset or nervousness or some family or relationship struggles.  Her education focused on couples and family therapy because she believes we all are somewhat dysfunctional, that it’s part of our humanness.  That our relationships, past and present, influence us, maybe in a dysfunctional way.  However, when that dysfunction gets overwhelming, she is ready to be your “kick it person, talk it through and figure this out together”.

Karissa works with children aged 10 through adulthood as either families, couples, or just one person at a time.  She describes her style as comfortable, not uptight, and likes the sessions to be relaxed, approachable and open.   Karissa is a what you see is what you get person - with a little cheerleading thrown in, just in for you, the client, because “sessions are just for you- no judgement.  Bring it in and let’s get to work.”   She likes a solution-focused approach to healing and knows getting the story is only part of the work to healing.  The other part requires effort and a plan of action.  Karissa can help get you to your solution and moving toward the road to feeling much better.

Karissa grew her confidence in part from the military and from being raised by her strong, faith-based grandparents in the south.  “My grandparents believed in manners and God.  Granddad was a reverend, and I spent a lot of time at church. Sports (she played basketball and ran track) were not allowed to interfere with church.  Ever.”   They often said, “From the CEOs to the janitors, everyone needs manners and kindness, that will get you a long way in life.”  Their influence now helps her raise her own son as a single Mom.   Her son plays sports, and she frequents his games in her favorite sneakers.   She is a self-proclaimed “SNEAKER HEAD!”  “They are my thing!  Ok and maybe t-shirts too.  And, food, love food.  But my son, and my 2 dogs are the best things in my life!”   

Her story, like many of us, is full of love, some stress and learning.   Maybe it’s your time to get past those hurts you carry, plan some goals and in general feel better about your life and relationships.   You don’t have to start perfect or even know what to say or do.  Come, have a conversation, and see if Karissa can be there to help make your life, your way, with more joy and less stress.  After all, she is here to serve.  We are lucky to have her as part of our AHP tribe.

Meet Leslie Fehlinger, LISW


Leslie is paneled with UHC, Humana, Anthem, Custom Designs, and Medical Mutual of Ohio.

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If you are here reading this, perhaps you have had a loss, had a rough childhood, or have had a few trying and stressful life events that have caused you to struggle. And now you feel like you’ve lost your way, your voice, and maybe your hope?  Let me help stop the suffering.  I help people find their way after difficult life experiences.  My passion is nurturing people through the emotionally painful stuff of life.  I especially love helping teenagers and adults. Learning to grow into and handle young adult life and “adulting” is tough, fraught with challenges.  For you, adulting might be more difficult because of baggage from earlier in your life.   There is no need to suffer alone, pretend to feel better than you really do, or endure the chaos of depression and anxiety. Together, we can unpack that baggage, break that negative pattern, and build new healthier thinking that will help you feel freer and lighter.

I became a mental health therapist after lots of other twists and turns in my own world.  My own experiences with life helped me really learn not to judge people until you walk in their shoes.   That is probably my favorite saying (ask my kids).  Along the way, I learned compassion and empathy are my superpowers.  

If you wonder what it is like to work with me, I can tell you what I’ve been told by my clients.  I have been told that I am outspoken, I challenge negative thinking in the nicest way possible, I’m not much of the sugar coater.  And some clients even have called me bubbly.  So, a hopeful, optimistic, direct, honest, and empathetic to a fault, soul – that’s me.  Because of all those qualities, together we can talk through almost anything.  I’m up for it.  I help people processed the painful junk in their lives that hold them hostage.  I can relate to whatever you bring in the room.  Anyone suffering from anxiety and depression has deep, dark stuff to unpack.  

Together we can look at what’s bothering you and find a nurturing way forward with hope and purpose - that is exciting!  If that sounds exciting to you too, make an appointment.  Let’s invest Time and Energy into your mental health.  I will come alongside you, as you are, right now, no judgment.  It is totally valid and okay to not want the negative thinking you’ve suffered with to dominate you anymore!  Your experience matters, you matter.   Let’s find your answers, build healthier mental habits, and stop that cycle of suffering.  Let’s proactively create the story for your life that YOU WANT!   Make an appointment, get on the path to feeling more open, free, and connected to whatever it is that you love.  That’s is exactly why I love what I do.  Get in touch.

Meet Teresa Lawhead, LPCC-S


Now accepting Anthem, Humana, UHC and Custom Designs.

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My heart lights up by helping children, age 12 and under.  It is so important that children have a solid foundation.  Not every child is lucky enough to have a smooth ride.  That's where I come in.  Children, just like adults, want to be heard and understood.  Except they often need the ability to play to tell their story.  I give them that place to play, heal and grow stronger.  The young ones I work with struggle with self-esteem, excessive energy, impulsiveness, anger, sadness, anxiety, worry, friends or family changes.  They long to have friends, get healthy attention, belong and be loved.  And if there is trauma, I have special training in EMDR which can be used to tackle painful memories and help them heal and adapt in a new way.  I also am certified in Play Therapy, that is a creative means to help teach children new skills and behaviors and best of all, they don't even know they are learning - they just believe we are having fun together.  Those lessons help build strength, better adapting and stronger relationships outside the therapy room. 

Meet Danielle Marsh, LPC

  Now accepting Custom Designs.

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We've all struggled at one point or another.  Sometimes life is a difficult puzzle.  At one point in my life the puzzle pieces of my own family were a difficult, painful place.  Then, we worked with a family therapist.   That counselor helped us put the puzzle of our family together.  Because of that, I experienced the powerful impact of counseling with my own family.  Therapy was life changing for me and my family.  I know I have two family members here on earth with me because of the therapy process.  That got me hooked!  So I went to school to learn how to help have that impact as a counselor.  Now, I am privileged to help people improve who might feel lost, broken and beyond repair in their own lives.

What about you? Have you ever felt like you lost your relationships or yourself?  Or that your problems are too complicated?   Then, I would love to help you figure out how all the pieces of your own life puzzle fit together.   Trauma, depression, life challenges...messy mental health doesn't scare me.  In fact, I enjoy figuring out the steps away from stagnation and mental pain.  I help people discover ways out of the stuck and dark places.  Together.  In my office I will always work FOR you.  The two of us against the world FOR YOU.  It's safe to go over those dark parts of your experiences with me and I will be here to help carry the weight.  Together, we will collaborate on the steps needed for you to rediscover peace and meaning.   Also, as I am currently working under supervision, so you will enjoy combined wisdom working for you along with my own creative and dedicated style.   These are powerful tools for your benefit.

I also love to help with transitions in life.  Transitions can be the perfect time to make changes. Even sad events: difficult health diagnosis, coping with a death of a loved one, job loss or changes, returning to school, relationships ending.  Those events can be opportunities for increased self-awareness, peace and a chance to identify a brighter future.   In tough moments it can be so comforting to have a guide.   I can guide and help you rediscover or learn what is possible for the next phase of your life. My personal credo is to try to leave the world better than I found it.  Empowering you to advocate for yourself, accepting and identifying your strengths and finding a more peaceful outlook does that. 

My clients tell me that after working together they feel like they know and like themselves better.   That is everything to me.  Clients describe my collaborative style as genuine, empowering, honest and sometimes humorous.  I thoroughly enjoy this work which keeps me motivated and dedicated to you. Finally, on a personal note I am married, a parent and have a whole house full of rescued pets.  And, when I am not working or at home with my family or baking (like seriously fancy wedding cakes) you can find me out running.  I love to run.  And, I love to help people have those magical “ah ha moments.”   Moments when things that didn't make sense before do.   Or,  my client understands how to cope in a better place than they did a few seconds before.  Talk to me, we can work together to figure out how the puzzle pieces of your life fit together so you can have a complete picture of where you are and where you want to be.

Meet Joanne Forsthoefel, LPCC


Now accepting Anthem, Humana, Custom Designs and United Healthcare.

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Life is a journey full of unexpected twists and turns that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, anxious, angry and hurt.   It happens.   Sometimes when we are faced with an unexpected event or tragedy or we just feel like we "aren't ourselves "and we just aren't sure who to talk to or what to do, therapy can help.   

I would like to be there to help you through the twists and turns.   It has been my experience as a therapist working with children, adults and families that creating a safe and comfortable environment allows us to get to know each other and together find the best way for you to approach and manage the concerns in your life.   In sessions I use a variety approaches based on your preference and needs.   I invite you to meet me and decide if you feel this a good fit for you or your child.  

Meet CYMBRIA HESS, IMFT-S, Founding Therapist.


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Hi there, I am an Independent Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in individual and couple therapy.   I have over 30 years experience as a clinician.  Time has flown by.  Long ago it seems,  I  graduated from The University of Dayton specializing in developmental psychology.  My background in developmental psychology allows me to work with clients from many stages of life.  I  studied developmental psychology because I thought the model of normal development versus thwarted development made the most sense.  All of us face times in our lives where "curve balls" throw us off our planned trajectory.   I see that as mostly "normal" or just life.  Together we can figure out how to get back on track, or maybe even develop a better path for optimal life enjoyment. 

My areas of expertise are: adolescent issues, couple therapy and individual therapy for depression and anxiety across the lifespan. 

You should know if we work together that I am a therapist who loves to laugh at what life throws us all.  I sincerely believe that therapy doesn't have to be a painful, horrid experience to tolerate.  Rather, it is truly a chance to take on the challenges of life and figure out how to grow, learn and improve so that we don't get blasted by our own repetitive behavioral responses.  I strive to provide practical and usable feedback with sensitivity, gentle humor and compassion each and every session.   There is no "one size or technique fits all."  The goal is to help you build on your strengths,  identify life goals and create a plan to live your best life...even and especially when times are tough.  The reason I love my career (and I truly do) is that helping people's lives go from a dark, and often painful time in their life to a better place with hope for the future is a true honor.  When I get to participate in that shift that makes me downright glow.  

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